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  1. Dear Esther - The Caves

    (Source: neogaf.com, via places-in-games)



  3. I haven’t played DE in quite a while, but this account continues to gain followers. If anyone wants full or partial control (I.e. to be a mod), message me! You can definitely get it if you will update more than I have been.


  4. Humble Bundle 8 is now up and it includes Dear Esther!

    Pay what you want and you can get Dear Esther and its soundtrack!



  5. Hi everyone,

    I haven’t updated in a few days because the queue ran out and I haven’t played Dear Esther in a while. Since this isn’t my main account, I can add someone else to help out. Does anyone else want to run dear-esther with me? If not, it’ll just post sporatically, especially since classes will start up soon for me (I’m a college student).

    Thanks for reading/following this blog, everyone. :)



  6. acoloneloftruth:

    Some screenshots from my playthrough of Dear Esther.

    (Source: colonel-sprite)




  9. pixelchus:

    Dear Esther is definitely one of my most favoritestest new games.


  10. plays: 19

    I wish I could have know Donnelly in this place – we would have had so much to debate. Did he paint these stones, or did I? Who left the pots in the hut by the jetty? Who formed the museum under the sea? Who fell silently to his death, into the frozen waters? Who erected this godforsaken aerial in the first place? Did this whole island rise to the surface of my stomach, forcing the gulls to take flight?